Monday, March 23, 2009

Because Bar-B-Que is EVERYTHING

To set the scene: about 20 of us are deep in middle of NOWHERE, TX on one of the yearly epic BBQ runs we have been doing around the South By Southwest music festival. Every year we pick a direction out of Austin and go go go...hitting at least 5 places in about the same amount of hours. So we are sitting at Zimmerhanzels chewing on some amazing ribs and sausage in Smithville, Tx...home to the worlds tallest Gingerbread Man (made out of tin...go figure) realizing that while there might be other BBQ blogs out there, none could compete with the scope and the breath of our BBQ trails, in Texas and everywhere else. So being modern carnivores like we are, we decide to start a blog, posting trails we have done, the joints we have been to, debates about the best type of brisket or rib, deep discussions on side orders...or what constitutes a proper side...and so it goes. Bar-B-que is a state of mind...a smoked out mind for that matter...and we are ready to talk carnage to the bone. Ultimate BBQ baby! Let the games begin.